Dear Colleague,


We would like to invite you to participate in a research workshop entitled: "Invariance and Model Reduction for Multiscale Phenomena" that will be held in ETH, Zurich from August 26 to August 29. The theme of the workshop is deliberately broad in scope and aims at promoting an informal exchange of new ideas and fresh methodological perspectives in the increasingly important, inherently interdisciplinary and quite insightful area of invariant manifolds and dynamic model reduction for multiscale phenomena. The goal of this initiative is to assemble a group of people reflecting the thematically interdisciplinary nature of the workshop, organize a series of presentations and encourage discussions in an informal, casual and "interactive" format that fosters and facilitates a fruitful dialogue to take place across disciplines. The members of the organizing committee feel that the generic nature and power of the pertinent conceptual, analytical and computational frameworks could help eliminating some of the traditional "language barriers" that, unnecessarily sometimes, impede the scientific cooperation and interaction of researchers across disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, applied mathematics and engineering. In light of the above realizations, the main, and rather broadly defined, thematic axis of the workshop are:


1) Invariant and Inertial Manifolds: Theoretical and Computational Approaches


2) Invariance and Model Reduction: Theoretical and Computational Approaches


3) Specific areas of study represented in the workshop: Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, kinetic theory, hydrodynamics and mechanics of continuous media, (bio)chemical kinetics, nonlinear control theory, nonlinear estimation theory, perturbation theory, classical mechanics, coarse-graining approaches


We believe that your presence and contribution would significantly enhance the quality of the workshop and enable the realization of its main objectives. At this stage, a title of the talk, an one-page abstract, and material for an informal presentation in the last week of August, as well as an "appetite" for dialogue would be sufficient. You may use the "Reply" to this e-mail option for the submission of the title and the abstract of your talk.


Please notice, that the members of the organizing committee are taking initiatives to convince the editor of a reputable journal to agree on a special issue that could host the contributions of interested participants in a peer reviewed full-paper format after the meeting in Zurich. Practical details and arrangements with respect to your trip to Zurich will be provided later, as soon as the organizational agenda attains its final form.



We are looking forward to your response.




The organizing committee


A. Gorban (ETH, Zurich)

I. Karlin (ETH, Zurich)

N. Kazantzis (WPI)

I. Kevrekidis (Princeton)

H.C. Ottinger (ETH, Zurich)


30 May 2003 Alexander Gorban