"Invariance and Model Reduction for Multiscale Phenomena"

ETH, Zurich
ETH-Zentrum,  ML H 44

August 26 - August 29, 2003

The main thematic areas of the workshop:

1) Invariant and Inertial Manifolds: Theoretical and Computational Approaches

2) Invariance and Model Reduction: Theoretical and Computational Approaches

3) Specific areas of study represented in the workshop: Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, kinetic theory, hydrodynamics and mechanics of continuous media, (bio)chemical kinetics, nonlinear control theory, nonlinear estimation theory, perturbation theory, classical mechanics, coarse-graining approaches

The organizing committee:
A. Gorban (ETH, Zurich)
I. Karlin (ETH, Zurich)
N. Kazantzis (WPI)
I. Kevrekidis (Princeton)
H.C. Ottinger (ETH, Zurich)


The list of important dates:
June 10: Abstract Submission
June 20: Last day for hotel reservation
August 26, 9:00am-10:00am: Registration
August 26, 10:00am: Workshop begins
October 31: Deadline for full paper submission

Program (incl. abstracts)

List of Participants (incl. abstracts)

First Circular

Second Circular (incl. hotel information)

Photographs: individual, group

30 May 2003 Alexander Gorban